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UNDP helps foster lasting peace in Nepal

December 2006; Within seven short months a 'people's movement' that began with almost a million citizens taking to the streets of Kathmandu has cumulated into a peace process that could end almost 11 years of violent conflict in Nepal. The movement demanded that the King return power to parliament, more


Villagers no longer abandon their homes when they see rain clouds

Villagers throughout Nepal eagerly wait for the monsoon season to begin as the rain carrying clouds help irrigate farms and fields that support livelihoods of over 70 percent population. But it is also a season that brings untold sufferings—uprooting communities and leaving death and destruction in more


“Our hands will not carry guns anymore…...”

Forty  Maoist ex-combatants cheered with joy as they received certificates for successfully completing Community Medical Assistant  and Lab Assistant courses from Rapti Technical School. “Our hands that used to carry guns and other weapons now will serve the needy people for medical aids,more