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A day in the life

14 October 2007; Rolpa, It is early in the morning in one of the seven major Maoist army cantonments in the western highlands of Rolpa. I am woken up by the army's fitness drill and the noise of instructors. I can hear the wind blowing strongly against my tent. The thick fog hides the beautiful greemore


An ex-combatant builds a future

Buddhi Mahatara who hails from the mountain district Humla can be found these days repairing motorcycles in Tikapur, a city in the southern plains (Terai) district Kailali. The 'Karnali Motorcycle Servicing Centre' that he is running in partnership with a friend is his means of earning and also a remore


An ex-combatant cherishes his new identity as shop owner

Nayalal, a 24-year old former combatant from the eastern part of Nepal, had a very difficult childhood. He was born in a poor and marginalized community where most of the houses were made of mud, straw, and bamboo. “When I was small, our house burnt down twice and my family lost everything. To make more

As Nepal conflict flares a new, programme supports peace and development

Tuesday, 14 October 2003: With Nepal again beset by conflict after the failure in late August of peace talks between the Government and Maoist insurgents, a UNDP programme is supporting efforts for peace and development and helping victims of the violence. Rupa Singh is one of those benefitting fromore


Automated system to digitize building permits in Kathmandu

A new automated system supported by UNDP will make obtaining building permits easier in two municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley. The system expected to go live in June this year will integrate safer building codes into existing building permit approval system. This will be the first of its kind more


Bringing out the entrepreneurship in women ex-combatants

Women ex-combatants have excelled in starting up enterprises and are establishing themselves as entrepreneurs with the support from United Nations Inter Agency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP), a joint endeavour of UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and ILO. Bal Kumari Mahato, an ex-combatant discharged from Shaktmore


Combatant turns into an independent entrepreneur

September 2010; To date, more than 1,484 men and women, verified minors and late recruits, discharged from Maoist cantonments in February 2010 have opted for the ongoing voluntary rehabilitation packages offered by the United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP). A good number of thmore


Entrepreneurs hopeful that peace will bring greater prosperity

UNDP-supported entrepreneurs hopeful that peace will bring greater prosperity 'It's too early to see the change,' says Rachana Pandit, chairperson of Business Development Services. 'But there is tremendous hope among the entrepreneurs.' This optimism among Nepal's grassroots business community is comore


Ex-combatant Mukhiya's bicycle workshop...

Former Maoist combatant Mukhiya, 25, chose to undertake one month long rickshaw and bicycle training after he was discharged from Surkhet cantonment as a minor in January 2010. He is running a small bicycle workshop in Badhaiya village, Bardiya for about two years now. Mukhiya thinks he made the rigmore


Ex-combatant turns digital photographer

Krishna Chaudhary’s education came to a complete halt when she had to join the Maoist army at the age of 18. She joined the army because she was frustrated with the social and economic environment at home and she spent four years of her precious life as a combatant hoping for a bright future. In 20more