Democratic Transition

Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) in November 2006, the Government of Nepal has taken important steps towards forging consensus on key contentious issues, mitigating conflict in the country and successfully completing its democratic transition. In this complex transition period, a key step is drafting a new Constitution, which will be the foundation for a new system based on inclusive power sharing, social justice and progressive state restructuring. The UNDP aims to assist the Government of Nepal, political parties and civil society organizations to successfully navigate the challenging transitional period. To do this, the UNDP in Nepal created the Democratic Transition Unit (DTU), which is comprised of two projects: i) the Conflict Prevention Programme (CPP); and ii) Support to Participatory Constitution Building in Nepal (SPCBN).

Our Goals

Since late 2006, UNDP in Nepal has provided key technical support to the on-going peace process.more

Collaborative Leadership and Dialogue

Political leaders, government officials and civil society representatives from Chitwan participating in a dialogue workshop. Photo: Man Harkha Thapa

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Projects and Initiatives

Conflict Prevention Programme

UNDP’s Conflict Prevention Programme (CPP) is working on the two complementary pillars of promoting collaborative leadership and dialogue amongst Nepalese leaders and institutions, and mainstreaming conflict sensitivity and the ‘Do No Harm’ approach into development programmes. more

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