Post-Earthquake Recovery


Two devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May 2015. The death toll climbed to over 8,857 and more than 22,000 people were injured. Out of 75 districts, 33 are affected, 14 of which are heavily impacted. The earthquakes destroyed 602,257 houses and another 280,000 were damaged.

Some 3 million people, including women and children were displaced and around 800,000 houses are destroyed or damaged. Of the total damaged houses, 41% belongs to Dalits and Indigenous communities and 23% to senior citizens. About 26% of the total damaged houses are headed by female members. Women, people living with disabilities and other economically disadvantaged communities have been facing even more hardships as they try to cope in the post-earthquake situation.

What does UNDP do?

UNDP supports the Government of Nepal through a 3-year recovery program. The program focuses on four main areas of work: (1) Supporting national recovery and reconstruction planning and implementation; (2) Recovering livelihoods and promoting socio-economic development opportunities of communities; (3) Restoring local governance systems and public service delivery; and (4) Helping to build a disaster-resilient Nepal. UNDP’s Recovery support program systematically addresses underlying vulnerabilities in order for Nepal to return to sustainable development pathways.

Results so far

Since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, UNDP has been supporting the Government of Nepal to respond to the immediate early recovery needs of the people who are affected by the earthquakes.

Within days from the first earthquake on 25 April 2015, UNDP mobilized Crisis Prevention and Recovery Trust Fund and dispatched technical experts to respond to the situation on the ground. Up to April 2016, approximately USD 15.36 million has been mobilized from UNDP internally, bi-lateral/individual donors, and the private sector to respond to the disaster. During the first year, UNDP's supported the Government of Nepal to meet the immediate needs of the affected population in early recovery. UNDP supported the Government of Nepal in leading and promoting coordinated resource mobilization and planning among multiple government and non-government partners for immediate, medium and longer-term recovery i.e. Early Recovery Cluster Coordination, Post Disaster Needs Assessment (download via National Planning Commission),  and Post Disaster Recovery Framework (download via National Reconstruction Authority).


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