Support to Knowledge and Lifelong Learning Skills Programme (SKILLS)

The Support to Knowledge and Lifelong Learning Skills (SKILLS) programme under UNDP was envisioned, working closely with the MoE and CTEVT to reform the TVET Policy 2012, so as to make provisions therein more practical and responsive to the present-day demands of the market. Through regular policy dialogues, SKILLS aims to create a policy review platform, assembling a wide range of stakeholders and experts, including representatives of line ministries, public organizations and the private sector, development partners and social organizations at local, provincial, and federal levels.....Read More

What have we accomplished so far

  • Preparatory works, orientation and review of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Policy 2012 initiated in 2015 with the consultation of multiple TVET stakeholders. The TVET policy dialogue process has been continuously carried out with 17 TVET line ministries as well as with the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) and other major employer associations at the local, provincial and federal levels.
  • Private sector engagement in TVET policy reviewed with the involvement of representatives of business and industries in collaboration with FNCCI in 2016.
  • To institutionalize Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking for development of TVET, and Quality TVET for Green and Sustainable Economy, meetings and consultations were held at regional and central levels in 2015 and 2016 in collaboration and partnership with the CTEVT.
  • Signalling of Labour Market Demands for workers with Technical Skills foreign employment.The labor market signaling assessment study completed in close .... Read More

Latest Updates

Photo: Anand Gurung/SKILLS
Petty contractors eager for formalization

In view of the benefits of being part of the formal sector—in terms of better regulation, recognition and access to facilities—along with contributing better to the nation’s infrastructure development goals, petty contractors are requesting the government to make provisions to help ease their passagemore 

Plugging the gaps in recovery efforts

In order to address the paucity of skilled workers in the country that has been blamed for the slow pace of post-earthquake reconstruction in the country, UNDP’s SKILLS is committed to helping the Government of Nepal expand the quality, scope and access of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, particularly as relates to constructionmore 

Matching skills with jobs in tourism and hospitality

Better pay, working environment and career advancement opportunities are necessary if the skilled workforce produced by tourism/hospitality schools in Nepal are to be retained, say stakeholdersmore 

TVET for all: Call for GESI-friendly technical-vocational programmes

Experts have underlined the need to increase and improve access of targeted marginalized groups to TVET programmes and opportunities in the countrymore 

Need of M&E mechanism to ensure quality of TVET programmes

Stakeholders in the TVET sector in Butwal have expressed the need for proper monitoring and evaluation of technical and vocational trainings currently being provided across the country so as to ensure their quality and effectiveness more 

Upskilling in action

A visit to a dairy farm in Lumbini proves fruitful for representatives of the Government of Nepal and UNDP—engaged in soliciting inputs for a review of the TVET policy—through documentation of the benefits and challenges of informal technical trainings provided by private enterprisesmore 

Scale, quality and access: Policy dialogues on improving TVET in Nepal

At the most recent iteration of ongoing policy consultations on improvements to Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Nepal, stakeholders in Butwal offered a range of views on gaps in the existing TVET policy and potential mitigative interventionsmore 

Steering the automotive repair & service sector in the right direction

A recent visit to an “Auto Village” in Butwal, Rupandehi, proved fruitful for UNDP and government representatives in learning about potential policy-level interventions needed to tackle the challenges faced by the region’s automotive repair and service sectormore 

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