Success Stories

Automated system to digitize building permits in Kathmandu
A new automated system supported by UNDP will make obtaining building permits easier in two municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley. The system expected to go live in June this year will integrate safer building codes into existing building permit approval system.

Villagers no longer abandon their homes when they see rain clouds
Villagers throughout Nepal eagerly wait for the monsoon season to begin as the rain carrying clouds help irrigate farms and fields that support livelihoods of over 70 percent population. But it is also a season that brings untold sufferings—uprooting communities and leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Project Overview


Project duration:
February 2011 to December 2015

Geographic coverage:
Policy level project at central government level Also in 21 hill, 12 Terai and 6 mountain districts

Focus Area:
Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Implementing partners:
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Urban Development
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
National Planning Commission

UNDP focal point: Vijaya P. Singh
Assistant Country Director, UNDP
PO Box 107
Tel: (+977-1) 5523200 Ext. 1028