Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP)

 Hon'ble Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Mr. Kamal Thapa inaugurating the e-BPS launch, 06 Dec 2015

UNDP has been implementing Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP) since 2011 as part of the Strategic Partnership Framework (SPF), signed between the Geneva based UNDP/BCPR and UNDP Nepal and in accordance with the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium. The programme aims to strengthen the institutional and legislative aspects of disaster risk management (DRM) in Nepal by building the capacities of MoHA, MoFALD, other partner ministries, departments and local governments as well as empowering vulnerable communities toward increased resilience. The programme intends to contribute towards achieving Nepal’s UNDAF Outcome 7, which states: people living in areas vulnerable to climate change and disasters benefit from improved risk management and are more resilient to hazard-related shocks. 

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What have we accomplished so far

Ensuring that Nepal can withstand future shocks is at the core of UNDP’s earthquake recovery.

In 2015, with UNDP support Nepal has strengthened its building codes and has begun investing in compliance through an integrated electronic permit system. Prior to the earthquake, UNDP and the Government had developed safer construction guidelines and video toolkits for masonry trainings and guidelines for retrofitting buildings. Engineers and masons are undergoing safe construction trainings to build back better and stronger.

Latest Updates

E-governance initiative for resilient construction in Kathmandu Valley

Three municipalities in the Valley have made an official shift in favor of improved governance in building practices and compliance with the National Building Code withmore 

A future in sight: UNDP helps a visually-impaired man come home

UNDP’s Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme was able to help visually-challenged Khil Bahadur from Sindhupalchowk acquire both his identity papers and a roof over his headmore 

UNDP-piloted EQ-safe housing technologies included in Government catalogue

Two technologies for EQ safe housing piloted by UNDP have been approved by the Government of Nepal and included in the “Catalogue for Reconstruction of Earthquakemore 

Photo: Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi/UNDP

Nepal’s airports prepare for future natural disasters

A four-day training and assessment programme involving airport authorities, military and humanitarian partners is being held to develop a customized disaster response action plan for Tribhuvanmore 

A step towards better disaster governance: Report on lessons learned from the 2015 earthquake

A new report from the Ministry of Home Affairs—prepared with technical support courtesy of UNDP—provides insight on how overall governance, institutional mechanisms, resource mobilization, capacities, coordination,more 

Wheels in motion: UNDP offers free construction counseling and drawing-preparation services for vulnerable households in quake-hit areas

UNDP’s CDRMP—with support from the Japanese government and in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering—has offered free construction counseling and drawing-preparation services to earthquake-affected households inmore