Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE)

Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal, Mr. Leela Mani Paudyal, addressing the interaction programme on Functional Analysis of Government of Nepal

The transformational changes to its government that Nepal has embarked upon are massive. Thus far however, the focus has been on the political aspects of this transition, with less attention being given to the implications of federalization on the organization of public administration. However, recent developments show a more direct engagement with the bureaucracy in the debate on the restructuring of the state. While the political negotiations are ongoing, the government of Nepal has created a series of committees to ensure that public administration institutions are ready for the transformational change from a unitary to a federal system. However, unrealistically high expectations among politicians and civil society on the speed of transition to a new administrative order, with new federal and provincial institutions, needs to be carefully managed. Similarly, institutional resistance and low levels of capability hinder the ability of the public service to move towards a federalized structure...Read More

What have we accomplished so far

  • In 2014, UNDP worked with the Indian Institute of Public Administration to train senior officials from the Public Service Commission (PSC) on human resource management. These trainings contributed to developing knowledge and skills of PSC staffs, from senior to mid-level managers, on recruitment, selection and operating technology-based selection techniques. These new skills are expected to improve the quality of the public service and ensure a smooth transition to a federal system.

  • As a result of UNDP support, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) officials are now better equipped to investigate complex issues around public procurement, banking and finance and land management. Investigative Capacities of 190 CIAA officials were improved.

  • UNDP supported the replacement of the existing Civil Service Personnel Information System with an improved Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) system, which will contribute to developing web-based personnel information that can be accessed and modified by multiple users, streamlining record access.


  • Call for informed planning to facilitate Nepal’s transition to a federal state

    Senior government officials and bureaucrats have called for informed planning and preparation to facilitate Nepal’s transition to a federal state. In an interaction organized by the PREPARE project, a joint initiative of the Ministry of General Administration and UNDP, on Monday (March 24, 2015), the officials underscored the need for designing a detailed Transition Management Plan that builds on a sound analysis of the national context and the risks of disruption during the transition to a federal state. more

  • Laying foundation stone to reform PSC's selection methods

    Public Service Commission (PSC) of Nepal, a constitutional body, mandated to recommend the best candidate/s to join civil service claims that if you are better than others or are meritorious in the test conducted by PSC, you get the job- nepotism or favouritism does not have a room in PSC.more

Project Overview


Project duration:
March 2013 to Dec 2016

Geographic coverage:

Focus Area:
Administrative Reforms and Transitional Planning

Implementing Agency:
Ministry of General Administration (MoGA)

Collaborative Partners:

  •  Office of the Prime ministries and Council of Ministries (OPMCM)
  •  Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) and
  • Public Service Commission (PSC)

UNDP Focal Point:
Ms. Bandana Risal
Sr. Programme Specialist
Governance Unit, UNDP
UN House
POB 107 Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Tel: 977-1-5523200 ext. 1019
Fax: 977-1-5523991

MoGA Focal Point:
Mr. Kiranraj Sharma

National Project Director
Joint Secretary
Ministry of General Administration (MoGA)
Singh Durbar, Kathmandu
Tel : 01 4200367, 4200369


Project Focal Point:
Ms. Shalini Tripathi
National Programme Manager
Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE)
Singh Durbar, Kathmandu
Tel : 0977-1-4200458/459 Ext 111
Fax: 977-1-4200486