Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE)

 Interaction program with State Affairs Committee members

UNDP Nepal country office launched the Project to Prepare the Public Administration for State Reform (PREPARE) starting from 2013 aligning with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) cycle to support the Government of Nepal as the country moves towards federal structure. The project has now been extended till December 2017.

Nepal has been in a political transition period following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2006. Based on CPA, the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 had declared the country to be federal by the promulgation of the new constitution. The first President of the country promulgated the Constitution of Nepal Second, on September 20th 2015, which was passed by Constituent Assembly after going through rigorous exercise for around six years.  Most important feature of the Constitution is that the country would have federal system of governance with seven provinces. Read More

What have we accomplished so far

  • Enhanced preparedness of key government agencies like OPMCM, MoGA and other agencies to execute constitutional provisions relating to administrative federalization and transition management by generating technical inputs for functional analysis and assignment, identification of needs of institutional arrangements and intergovernmental fiscal design.
  • Collaborated with OPMCM by extending technical support to the five thematic task forces of Chief Secretary-led FIARCC in undertaking functional analysis covering all sectors by building on similar work done by the project in selective sectors.
  • Supported to promotion of affirmative action in Civil Service through support to drafting of GESI policy for civil service and continuation of support to building capacity of women and vulnerable groups to attend entrance examination of PSC for entry to civil service.        
  • Initiated design of national policy and strategy for restructuring and managing civil service in the context of execution of new Constitution of Nepal, and;
  • Sensitized and created awareness on the part of administrators and political leaders, including parliamentarians, on the issues of federalization implementation and administrative federalization by undertaking various consultative, briefing and interactions programs, including sharing of national and international practices and experiences, which helped ensure their buy-in of project inputs.


Photo: MOGA
Deployment of civil servants to gather speed

With the endorsement of the Civil Servants Adjustment Act, local and provincial governments are all set to receive their required staff members in six months’ time more 

Remodeling the Public Service Commission in the federal context

As Nepal readies to make the transition from a unitary to a federal state, the PSC—the body tasked with selecting and supplying civil servants—is also set to undergo a restructuring as part of the new set-upmore 

Former Home Secretary Bal Krishna Prasai. Photo: PREPARE
Whose authority is it anyway?: Security and disaster management in federal Nepal

A UNDP-supported panel has offered expert recommendations on how to reorganize two crucial functions—law and order, and disaster management—across the three tiers of governmentmore 

Filling a critical knowledge gap in state restructuring: UNDP’s PREPARE

Joint Secretary at the Ministry of General Administration (MoGA), Prakash Dahal on the challenges in the path to administrative reform, the progress made so far, and the extent of UNDP’s support in the mattermore 

Making public training institutions fit for purpose

In a bid to strengthen and improve human resources in the country as it transitions to a federal set-up, a team of experts under UNDP support has provided a comprehensive roadmap for remodeling public sector training institutions around Nepalmore 

‘UNDP’s preparatory support needs to continue in implementing federalism'

Nita Aryal Pokharel is the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of General Administration and the National Project Director for PREPARE under UNDP. Here, she talks about the Ministry’s expectations of UNDP as the country enters a federal set-upmore 

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