Project output and activities of Phase II (2012-2018)




1.     Strengthen the capacity of the Election Commission of Nepal to function as a permanent, independent, credible and professional institution of governance


  1. Support with Strategic Planning
  2. Support with Staff Retention and Professional Development
  3. Support with Geographic Information and Electoral Mapping Systems
  4. Support with Creation and Display of New Voter Registration

2.     Support activities throughout the electoral cycle to ensure key processes are conducted in an effective, sustainable and credible manner


1.     Support with Procedures and Training

2.     Support with Election Operations and Logistics

3.     Support with Electoral Dispute Resolution

4.     Support with Electoral Security

5.     Support to Observation Coordination

3.     Increase democratic participation in the forthcoming cycle of elections and ensure an inclusive electoral process including under-represented groups, and vulnerable and traditionally marginalized communities


1.     Support with Public Outreach, Civic and Voter Education

2.     Support with Electoral Education and Information Center

3.     Support with External Relations

4.     Support with Gender, Social Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups

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