A Women Voter participating in CA Election 2013. Photo Credit: Rochan Kadariya

In April 2008 Nepal held its first CA election since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2006 to elect a constituent assembly mandated to draft a new constitution. 2008 election were organized by the Election Commission of Nepal with significant assistance and technical support from the Electoral Assistance Office of the United Nations Mission in Nepal. Following these elections, UNDP initiated the three-year Electoral Support Project (ESP) Phase I that aimed at institutional strengthening and professional development of the Election Commission of Nepal. As the need increased to expand the role of ESP to providing technical advice and operational support for the upcoming cycle of elections, the project was revised and extended till 2016 to meet the current needs of the Election Commission of Nepal.  This revision constitutes Phase II of the Electoral Support Project, signed in 29 November 2012.

The Electoral Support Project Phase II   responds to the need for continued capacity building of the Election Commission of Nepal for it to build long term institutional and human resources capacity in order to organize credible elections in the context of a diverged political environment and a period of political instability. The project has provided technical assistance for the CA election 2013.

Phase II of the Electoral Support Project will support a series of elections expected over the Nepal Electoral Cycle, providing technical assistance with electoral preparations and continue to strengthen ECN capacity in other technical areas.

The ESP is an integral component of the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) to which UNDP agreed with the Government of Nepal on 25 February 2008.

Importance of this project towards achieving the MDGs and consolidating peace

Although Nepal has made good progress towards achieving most of the MDGs over the last decade, the progress would have been greater if there had been peace and a stable multiparty democracy. This project will make an important contribution towards enabling every citizen to take part in the democratic process of electing the next national and local governments. This is of crucial importance for consolidating the peace and accelerating progress towards achieving the MDGs.

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