6 Reduce child mortality

Where we are?

Goal and Likelihood of achievement

  • Reduce child mortality - Likely

TARGET 4. Reduce the under-five mortality rate by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015.


2015 target
Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 108 64 48 46 46 (2011) 36
Under-five mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 162 91 61 54 54 (2011) 54
Proportion of the one-year-old children immunised against measles (%) 42 71 85 88 88 (2011) >90
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Note: The data collected by the mid-term survey in 2010 was not taken into account as that survey was conducted only in rural Nepal and its results cannot be generalised to the nation as a whole. Moreover, officials at the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) argued that it was not consistent with the general trend.


Priorities until 2015

Progress thus far suggests that Nepal’s child and maternal health-related MDGs are achievable. The real challenge is to scale up what works, continually improve effectiveness and accelerate progress. There is also a need to better target the hardest to reach segment of the popula-tion, those who have been overlooked in the past. This group includes, the ultra-poor and those disadvantaged because of their sex, age, ethnicity, disability, or geo-graphical location.

New targets for major child and maternal health indicators should be established and  some  altogether  new  indicators added.  In addition, since achievements are currently not uniform across either population groups or ecological or devel-opment regions, these targets should disaggregated.  

Child mortality

  • Set new targets for the IMR and U5MR.
  • Design  indicators  disaggregated  by population groups and development and ecological regions.
  • Address the emergence of new dis -ease patterns associated with climate change, notably HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, and hepatitis A,  taking into consideration difficulties in child health services.

Targets for MDG4
  1. Reduce by two thirds the mortality rate among children under five
    • Under-five mortality rate
    • Infant mortality rate
    • Proportion of 1 year-old children immunised against measles