6 Achieve universal primary education

Where we are?

Goal and Likelihood of achievement

  • Achieve universal primary education - Potentially Likely


TARGET 2. Ensure that children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will complete their primary schooling by 2015.


2000 a1
2005 a2
2010 a3
2013 a4
2015 target
Net enrolment rate in primary education
64.0 a
Proportion of pupils enrolled in grade one that reach grade five
38.0 b
Literacy rate of 15-24 years olds
49.6 c
70.1 d
79.4 e
86.5 f
88.6 g
a- Ministry of Education & Sports (MoES) (1990-1999)
a1- MoES (2000)
a2- MoES (2005)
a3- MoES (2009-10)
a4- Ministry of Education (MoE) (2012-13)
b- NPC (2001)
c- NPC (1991)
d- NPC (2002)
e- MoHP (2007)
f- CBS (2009)
g- MoHP (2011)


Priorities until 2015

While the status of primary education has improved significantly over the last two decades and gender parity has been achieved  in  the  first  grade,  retention and repetition are significant problems, there are still hundreds of thousands of out-of-school children, and parity is far from being achieved in the fifth grade. In addition, the literacy rate of youth (15-24-year-olds), at 88.6 percent, is far from universal.

To address these problems, Nepal’s im-mediate and long-term agenda should include the following initiatives:

  • Retain students in primary education by applying learning from past expe -riences and introducing innovative approaches that address the reasons for both attrition and repetition.
  • Enroll children from poor households in school while simultaneously link -ing their parents and/or guardians to economic safety-net programmes.
  • Design targeted interventions to mainstream out-of-school children.
  • Re-engineer literacy interventions to make them more effective.


Targets for MDG2
  1. Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling
    • Net enrolment ratio in primary education
    • Proportion of pupils starting grade 1 who reach last grade of primary
    • Literacy rate of 15-24 year-olds, women and men