Nepal Human Development Report 2004

02 Dec 2013

Document Summary

The NHDR 2004 probes various means of empowering Nepal’s weak, marginalized and alienated groups – notably women, Dalits, indigenous people, people with dis- abilities, children and senior citizens – so as to make present power structures far more inclusive, to mitigate poverty and to reduce the risk of violent civil strife. It highlights the historic exclusion of the geographic ar- eas in which the present conflict began al- most 50 years ago, the Mid- and Far West- ern Development Regions. The Report also examines how people can strengthen their individual and social capacities to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the post-1990 reform process – how they can hold their governance institutions ac- countable and enhance their position in ac- cessing vital resources. Even more important, this NHDR explores how the values, priori- ties and agency of citizens at the grassroots level can move to the centre of nationwide development efforts and thereby strengthen the social fabric of the country as a whole.

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