Human Development Report 2001

10 Jul 2001
Human Development Report 2001

Document Summary

Development and technology enjoy an uneasy relationship: within development circles there is a suspicion of technology-boosters as too often people promoting expensive, inappropriate fixes that take no account of development
realities. Indeed, the belief that there is a technological silver bullet that can “solve” illiteracy, ill health or economic failure reflects scant understanding of real poverty.


Human Development Report 2001 is intended as the manifesto for that partnership. But it is also intended as a source of cautionary public policy advice to ensure that technology does not sweep development off its feet, but instead that the potential benefits of technology are rooted in a pro-poor development strategy. And that in turn means, as the Human Development Reports have argued over 11 editionsthat technology is used to empower people, allowing them to harness technology to expand the choices in their daily lives.

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