Asia Pacific Human Development Report 2006 - Trade on Human Terms

20 Jul 2006
Asia Pacific Human Development Report 2006 - Trade on Human Terms

Document Summary

In Asia and the Pacific, trade has proved that it can provide jobs and higher incomes for millions. At the same time, many people have yet to benefit, including poor farmers marginalized by trade barriers and distorted agricultural
prices; workers who lose jobs in domestic industries due to the reduction of tariffs on competing imports; women, who deserve higher wages and better working conditions but face the risk of displacement following the withdrawal of textile quotas; and overseas workers, who leave their loved ones behind and face discrimination and exploitation in search of jobs that can lead to improved lives back home.


The Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2006 is by and for the people of the Asia- Pacific region. It seeks to demystify trade-related issues, making them more accessible to a wider cross-section of people, thereby facilitating more
informed debate and advocacy. In doing so, it hopes to promote human development in the region, focusing especially on the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

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