Wetlands Conservation in Nepal: Best Practices

16 Jul 2013


Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands in Nepal (CSUWN) project was launched in January 2008 with the aim of addressing the root causes of wetland degradation and the loss of wetland habitats. This fi ve-year project focused on integrating wetland management and conservation issues into
national policies and plans and on strengthening national capacity
by linking national actions with activities at the fi eld level. By addressing a range of ecological, economic and social challenges at the central and local levels, the project attempts to combine conservation with development
needs and yield local as well as
global environmental benefi ts.

CSUWN is the fi rst wetland project
dedicated to the overarching issues
of wetlands including policy. The
project is designed to address policy
gaps, build capacity (both human
and technical), and promote publicprivate
partnerships for wetland
management, thus ensuring
the continued provision of the
environmental goods and services
needed to sustain and improve
local livelihoods. Its design is geared
towards the replication of its good
practices and the application of
lessons learned to other wetlands in

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