Turning Tradition To New Ends : Improving Water Mills In Nepal

08 Mar 2012

Document Summary

This case study documents the experience of the Improved Water Mill programme in Nepal. The Improved Water Mill (IWM) programme promotes a simple and versatile technology that uses water resources to produce 3-4 kW of mechanical and electrical power. IWM improves upon the traditional water mill by replacing its parts with more efficient ones, thereby increasing agro-processing efficiency and adapting the mill to other end uses, including electricity generation. By promoting a variety of end use options, the IWM programme has a positive impact on rural households by promoting micro-enterprises, generating incomes and employment opportunities, reducing drudgery for women and allowing more free time for engaging in other activities. The programme also sets up and strengthens watermill owners’ associations, which promise to be the main vehicles for future IWM technology dissemination.

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