DLGSP Mid Term Review 2006

20 Aug 2006
DLGSP Mid Term Review 2006

Document Summary

The programme was launched in Nepal in 2004 and is due to end late 2007. It
follows on UNDP supported predecessor projects PDDP and LGP, which started in 1995 and 1996. The overall goal is to enhance effective participation of people in the local governance process, ensuring improved access to socio- economic services by rural poor, particularly women, Dalits and other disadvantaged groups. Intended outputs include enhanced capacity of LBs, MLD and NPC; a VDP implemented in 1000 VDCs based on positive discrimination to favour the disadvantaged; and HIV / AIDS mainstreamed in training packages. DLGSP focuses mainly on the community level, but aims to provide inputs into capacity building for local bodies (DDCs and VDCs) and to contribute to central government policy debates on decentralization.

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