Social Mobilisation in Nepal - The Decentralised Local Governance Support Programme (DLGSP) Brochure

06 Aug 2010

Document Summary

The Decentralised Local Governance Support Programme (DLGSP), running between 2004 and 2009, with a budget of over $22 million is funded by UNDP and the Government of Norway. It is implemented by the Ministry of Local Development of the Government of Nepal, 66 district local government bodies (DDCs) and 27,221 community organisations, in 66 of Nepal’s 75 districts and 880 village development committees.

DLGSP is the latest phase of a rural development programme that began in Nepal in 1994. Up to the end of DLGSP the programme has reached 66 of Nepal’s 75 districts in some of the more remote areas, the programme has been the first development assistance programme encountered by local people and has brought schools, water supplies and other vital services to these deprived areas.

Some overall achievements of DLGSP are:

  • the 624 million rupees ($8.9 million) saved by community organisations
  • the 361,531 loans taken from group savings and from capital provided by DLGSP
  • the 105,666 places provided on skills training courses
  • the 75,668 income generating activities started by community organisation members
  • the 3,469 community infrastructures built and rehabilitated benefiting 62,442 households.

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