Nepal Country Report

08 Mar 2012

Document Summary

In this report, the impacts of disasters on the dynamics of poverty have been analyzed quantitatively, while the susceptibility of existing vulnerabilities to disasters has been considered qualitatively, because of lack of relevant research based data.


The report is structured into eight chapters. Chapter 1 describes the geographical, economic and administrative (political) situation of Nepal. Chapter 2 provides the current status of the poverty and human development profiles of Nepal. Chapter 3 discusses the disaster profile of the country based on secondary information on geology, geomorphology plus the disaster database (DesInventar database) that is available for the period 1971-2007. Chapter 4 analyses selected disaster types in order to understand risk and disaster impacts on populations. Extensive and intensive risk profiles of the country are examined in Chapter 5, while Chapter 6 analyses the relationship between risk and poverty – a central thrust of this report. Chapter 7 reviews current policies and programmes for disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction in the country, and explores strategies for a comprehensive disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the country. Finally, Chapter 8 offers conclusions and identifies possible next steps.

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