UNDP Nepal Annual Report 2010

08 Mar 2012

Document Summary

This report presents the activities and accomplishments of UNDP in Nepal in 2010. It is divided into different chapters – Chapter 1 presents an overview of the achievements. Chapter 2 summarises how almost all the 35 projects UNDP supported in 2010 have helped Nepal’s long term development by reducing poverty, advancing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and helping build a sustainable peace following  the 1996–2006 armed conflict. Chapters 3 to 9 describe in detail how UNDP has worked in partnership and collaboration with communities, the government, other development agencies, civil society, academia and the business community to:

•             build peace and support transitional democratic governance;

•             support sustainable livelihoods and promote clean sources of rural energy;

•             conserve the environment and reduce the damaging effects of climate change and risks from natural disasters; and

•             slow the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Chapter 10 presents the resources and partnerships.

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