UNDP Annual Report 2009

16 Jul 2010
UNDP Annual Report 2009

Document Summary

UNDP Nepal Annual Report documents some of the contributions made by UNDP towards building a sustainable peace and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the past year. 2009 saw a substantial increase in UNDP’s activities with a 39% increase in expenditure from the previous year. Most of this increase is related to UNDP’s work in support of Nepal’s complex transition from conflict to peace — in particular to supporting the building of an inclusive constitution as well as to assisting the process of discharging minors and late recruits from Maoist army cantonments. The establishment of the Centre for Constitutional Dialogue in Kathmandu at the beginning of the year and the village outreach campaigns organized by the centre were especially significant, contributing to building awareness of thousands of Nepalis about key constitutional issues that are now under debate.

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