UNDP Annual Report 2011

28 Jun 2012

Document Summary

In 2011, UNDP made major contributions to build national capacities, improve national policies and strengthen governance directly benefitting needy communities across Nepal. UNDP has demonstrated successful results through its projects and programmes, such as our energy and micro-enterprise programmes which have been adopted as policy or models by the Government and have attracted support from other development partners and UN agencies.

This UNDP Nepal Annual Report 2011 highlights some of the organisation’s significant results across five Programme areas: Peace building, Recovery and Reintegration; Transitional Democratic Governance; Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Livelihoods; Energy, Environment and Disaster Management; and HIV/AIDS. UNDP’s focus through these five areas is to provide support to empower the poor and marginalized and to contribute to policy making processes.

Document Highlights

  • Verified Minors and Late Recruits of the Maoist army have enrolled and completed various trainings and 60% of the graduates have been employed to date.
  • A new Conflict Prevention Programme, with two pillars - Collaborative Leadership and Dialogue and Do No Harm/Conflict Sensitivity, has been rolled out.
  • UNDP has supported the preparation of an MDG Progress Report and an MDG Needs Assessment Report.
  • In partnership with OHCHR, UNDP supported the NHRC to develop and submit an Alternative Report—a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to the UN Human Rights Council. In order to monitor the implementation of UPR in 2012, a roadmap and plan of action has also been developed with UNDP support.
  • The Legislature Parliament of Nepal passed a long awaited Mediation Bill and the amendment Bill of Judicial Administration Act on 11 April 2011. UNDP provided support to finalize the mediation bill.
  • An Aid Management Platform has been implemented in the Ministry of Finance.
  • An Economic Valuation Tool for Wetlands of Nepal has been developed and launched.
  • Disaster risk reduction focal points have been established in government agencies.
  • UNDP has enabled the government to undertake two new roles regarding HIV services; the undertaking of the new HIV programme under the Nepal Health Sector Programme 2 and secondly the management of logistics such as procuring HIV services from NGOs. UNDP has also supported the production of National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2011-2016) in partnership with UNAIDS, launched in 2011.

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