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  • Earthquake Recovery ResultsDec 29, 2015Earthquake Recovery Results

  • development-advocate-nepal-december-2014-june-2015Mar 31, 2015development-advocate-nepal-december-2014-june-2015Today social protection has a central place in development agenda. It is no longer seen just as protection for the poor but also as a way to promote growth by transforming the poor into a productive force to boost national economies. Nepal adopted this idea earlier than many other countries in the region.

  • Analytical Report on Media MonitoringMar 12, 2015Analytical Report on Media MonitoringThe Election Commission of Nepal commissioned a media monitoring for the Constituent Assembly elections 2013 in line with the media code of conduct prepared for elections. The objective was to foster reflections and subsequent development of the media fraternity in reporting elections. This analytical report on media monitoring provides a rich view of how the media reported elections in 2013.

  • UNDP Annual Report 2014Mar 2, 2015UNDP Annual Report 2014UNDP’s partnerships with the Government of Nepal and development partners achieved considerable success in 2014. UNDP also started several new initiatives in 2014. We remain committed to supporting efforts to ensure that the benefits of growth reach the poorest and most marginalized people across the country—supporting the Government in its priorities. This 2014 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the results achieved by UNDP and its partners and selected human stories demonstrating the impact of its interventions on improving the lives of Nepali people.

  • MDGs Acceleration Framework : Improving Access to SanitationFeb 17, 2015MDGs Acceleration Framework : Improving Access to SanitationNepal MDGs Progress Report 2013 points out, the Government of Nepal’s commitment to achieving the MDGs, coupled with required policy reforms has borne fruit. Nepal is on track and is likely to achieve most of its MDG targets, despite the prolonged political instability. The targets for poverty reduction, maternal mortality, and boys and girls enrollment in primary education are either achieved or likely to be achieved. Even in areas where Nepal is lagging behind, particularly in sanitation, it has already internalized an acceleration framework in the form of the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) to mobilize adequate resources to expedite progress by 2015. This Report provides the updated status of progress since 2010, identifies the unfinished agenda for the remaining time and a new agenda for beyond 2015.

  • Participatory Constitution Building Process in Nepal 2015Jan 9, 2015Participatory Constitution Building Process in Nepal 2015Participatory Constitution Building Process in Nepal 2015

  • Annual Household Survey 2013-14Jan 6, 2015Annual Household Survey 2013-14Annual Household Survey 2013-14

  • Achieving Development Results in Asia and The PacificJan 1, 2015Achieving Development Results in Asia and The PacificThe report covers results achieved in 36 countries and territories in the Asia and Pacific region. It illustrates UNDP’s support to poverty reduction and conservation of natural resources, strengthening democratic governance, building resilience and responding to crisis.

 UNDP assisted people in strengthening livelihoods and empowering themselves.

  • Annual Household Survey 2012-13Sep 1, 2014Annual Household Survey 2012-13Annual Household Survey 2012-13

  • Nepal Human Development Report 2014May 15, 2014Nepal Human Development Report 2014The 2013 Human Development Report – "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World" – examines the profound shift in global dynamics driven by the fast-rising new powers of the developing world and its long-term implications for human development.