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Access to clean and affordable energy gives a new lease of life to Santhal community

At least after my recent visit to one of Nepal’s most underprivileged communities, I feel that development is about “leaving no one behind”.  

Why post-disaster recovery needs to be disability-inclusive

Visually-challenged Khil Bahadur from Sindhupalchowk is living in much safer conditions after the earthquake destroyed his home,  

Better Together: Partnerships for Sustainable Peace

The ongoing partnership between UNDP Nepal and the Himalayan Consensus Institute was born of the belief that a holistic, multi-disciplinary and community-based approach is essential to conflict…  

Climate change risk and vulnerability assessment in agro ecological zones of Nepal

This assessment is part of Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme and NAP-Ag Programme. Government of Nepal Ministry of Finance, UNDP and FAO initiated this climate vulnerability and disaster…  

Handbook _brick with cement mortar construction technology

This handbook has been prepared to support the skilled masons working to construct the earthquake resilient rural building under the Gorkha housing construction project.  

Renewable Energy in Federal Context

This document has been prepared to clarify the roles and responsibilities of local government in the federal context as they have major role in preparation of policy, plans, monitoring & management of…  

Nepal's Agri Sector Reshapes its Budgeting Approach to Tackle Climate Change

The GoN in partnership with UNDP has developed a new tool to identify and track spending on agricultural activities for promoting farmers’ resilience to climate change.  

National Climate Conference concludes in Gufadanda issuing the 10-point declaration

The First National Climate Change Conference held at the scenic Gufadanda in Sindhupalchowk district successfully concluded on 1 January by issuing the 10-point declaration.  

Disaster Risk Reduction Policy 2018

With repeated natural calamities and earthquakes, Nepal is considered highly vulnerable to disasters. To minimize these risks and tackle the inevitable catastrophes, Nepal government has developed…  

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