Why post-disaster recovery needs to be disability-inclusive

Visually-challenged Khil Bahadur from Sindhupalchowk is living in much safer conditions after the earthquake destroyed his home,  

For real prosperity, Nepal needs to make a business case for human rights

After a long drawn-out transition that involved consolidating peace and drafting a new constitution, Nepal finally stands ready to follow a more stable development pathway – one that supports…  

Technology for improved local governance

E-governance Specialist at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Nagesh Badu on the achievements made in e-governance in Nepal, plans for application in the federal context, and the…  

The Constitution of Nepal: A barrier for transitional justice

Researcher Manoj Kumar Yadav delves into the various challenges in the administration and execution of transitional justice in Nepal  

Healthcare on wings

Dr. Mahabir Pun, Chairman of the National Innovation Centre, Nepal, talks about the Medical Drone Project that is set to be a game-changer in rural healthcare in Nepal by easing delivery of medicines…  

Not so taxing: Online tax system, a decade later

Lal Bahadur Khatri, Under Secretary of the Inland Revenue Office, describes the experiences and successes in implementing an online tax system after almost a decade of its initiation in the country  

A milestone in access to justice

Shyam Kumar Bhattarai, Head of Planning Division, Office of Attorney General, relives what it was like to start the e-attorney system, the challenges therein and the fruit it has borne over time in…  

Researching women’s political inclusion in the 2017 local elections: Some comments and findings

Findings from research aimed to unpack how interconnected factors and wider power dynamics unfold at the ground level to affect women's political participation in Nepal  

A different lens

How virtual experience of swapped gender roles can change social understanding  

Towards a stronger health system in Nepal

UN Volunteer Erick Vladescu Ayirwanda on volunteering to strengthen the health system in Nepal and improve access to health services  

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